IJX-Logistics was founded in 2005 as group of Pandu Logistics. We stress the importance of flexibility and creativity as well empasize on long-term importance of sustainable business growth. Our company capture markets opportunity to able to give service of logistics. Provide more complete and total of service for the goal customer satisfaction. To counter our mission, PT. Indah Jaya Express will develop high-caliber manpower and system to build logistics service with respect and integrity.Finally, our corporate culture is one of the most important advantages that we posses in our drive toward our global company future. We will channel all our energies into enforcing our competitive edge in every product and service we offer.

To provide customer a logistics service based on Quality and Integrity. To be able to become the best logistics player in the global market.

To produce the greatest value for our major customer, our shareholder, and our workers by developing strategies that will becomes reference in facing all challenge. We always be ready to serve in area of logistics.